Our Story
Greg created OSTEOPATHIC FITNESS® out of frustration. It
all goes back to his high school days of playing football, when he
dislocated his patella tendon and had surgery, and then was not
able to return to the sport that he loved and therefore took up

Then one day at the end of a Cross Country race Greg collapsed
and was not able to finish. He went back to his Orthopedic
surgeon Dr. Nickerson that told him that he had what they call
marchers syndrome, where the muscle can get too big for the
sheath around it and the muscle could explode and die.

Greg was not satisfied with this diagnosis and wanted a second
opinion. There were some regional runners that had been using
a podiatrist named Dr. Gianone, so Greg went to see him. Dr.
Gianone prescribed a pair of custom orthotics and Greg was able
to run pain free and was later selected to run in the Golden West
(Nationals), an invitational meet for the top 7 athletes in each
event in the country, and later earned a scholarship for running
to Auburn University.

Later in college, running for Auburn University, Greg’s knees
would fail him again. This time it would be Dr. Houston from the
Houston Clinic in Columbus, GA that would tell Greg's coach at
Auburn that Greg was done. He did not like this diagnosis either
and would transfer to the University of Maryland, College Park,
where he did not know if he would be able to run again, yet he
believed. He brought himself back from the abyss and would
later run what was thought to be impossible for him, and anyone
else up until 1954, a Sub Four Minute Mile.

After college, Greg continued to run, but felt like he could do
more with his training and wanted to work with a physical
therapist to try to be the best he could be. His physical therapist
friend said “that in order to see me, he had to see Dr. Alcheck at
the HSS”, so Greg went dutifully to see Dr. Alcheck. When Dr.
Alcheck entered the room Greg kiddingly said to him; “Get ready
for a world record”. Alcheck sighed, as he looked at the x-rays
and told Greg that he had no cartilage in either knee and “if I
didn’t see you sitting over there I would say that these are x-rays
of someone that can't walk”. Alcheck said that he could clean out
the left knee, that was bent, and try and straighten it, but he
wouldn’t do a double knee replacement because Greg was
currently walking.

Greg did not like this diagnosis either, so he became a student of
structural functional fitness and how to balance the body
through biomechanics, strength and flexibility techniques, thus
OSTEOPATHIC FITNESS® was born.It's an all-in-one exercise
program. His Fifteen minute program is about time, efficiency
and affordability. Everyexercise is performed in a controlled and
focused fashion that uses smooth and controlled lifting and
lowering movements with a target weight to fatigue. Research
indicates that this method produces greater benefits than
traditional exercise methods. The OSTEOPATHIC FITNESS®
training method not only improves your muscular strength, but
your flexibility, endurance, aerobic power and your metabolic
rate. All in just 15- 30 minutes sessions 2-3x a week.

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Osteopathic Fitness® is in no way affiliated or in connection with Osteopathy and Osteopaths and should therefore not be confused with Osteopathy.
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