I have been one of Greg Herzog’s clients for two years and I have never
felt or looked better. I know he takes a personal interest in each of his
clients and has a great way of making one respect the body and learn
how to keep it in shape. His methods are so superb that you almost
become an extension of him as he works with you.

Charlotte Ford
* * * * *
I most heartedly endorse the Herzog Body Tech Programs. They work
for me.

Howard Johnson
* * * * *
I have known Greg Herzog for 30 years. He worked with me at
the University of Maryland and at the Olympic Training Center in
Lake Placid, NY. He has the respect of many world class athletes
for his level of expertise in the field of physical conditioning. Greg
is a motivator and has a great personality that interacts
marvelously well with both men and women. He utilizes the most
progressive philosophy available in the conditioning field. I might
add that he has contributed numerous hours of research at the
University of Maryland. I highly recommend Herzog Body Tech.

John C. Philbin
U.S. Olympic and Washington Redskins Strength Coach
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If you are one of those people who cling to your tension and
nurture your stress, then this is definitely for you. But watch out...
it really works!

Peggy Rockefeller
* * * * *
Writing may be solitary, but it can also create tension and stress.
I'm at my best when I'm benefiting from the Herzog Body Tech

Dominick Dunne
* * * * *
I used to "get high" by setting world records in the high jump.
Now that I head up my own company and work as a television
commentator, I've come down to earth in a big way. So, I deal
with the stress of business deadline or a live television show with
the Herzog Body Tech system. Thanks, Greg!

Dwight Stones
World Record Holder High Jump,  3 Time Olympian
* * * * *
As chairman of a large manufacturing group of companies, my
work and travel schedule is very stressful. I have found that Greg
Herzog's Program really works!

William Flaherty
Chairman and CEO, Horsehead Industries, Inc.
* * * * *
Whether I'm raising money for charitable organizations or
traveling around the world with Krizzia, I make Greg Herzog's
Program the first thing I do every day.

Pilar Crespi
Krizzia International
* * * * *
Creative thinking is what the advertising industry is all about. The
Herzog Body Tech System helps me think more clearly, even on
the most stressful days.

John Bernbach, President
DDB Needham World Wide
* * * * *
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