Total Body Conditioning Program
AXIS CORE® PILATES at Herzog Body Tech is the perfect addition to
cardiovascular and strength training. AXIS CORE® PILATES is a
collection of exercises which increase flexibility and stability, improve
posture, coordination and balance, while toning and lengthening
muscles, reducing joint and lower back stress and improving posture
and body mechanics.

Greg built his method AXIS CORE® PILATES on the idea of muscle
control, instructed to perform every exercise with the outmost
control. Mr. Herzog believes that with proper form you are able to
achieve safe and effective results, while creating a new association to
exercise that you can continue for the rest of your life.

With AXIS CORE® PILATES the movement is expected to be kept
continuous in order to best build strength, stamina and your best

“The focus is on doing one precise and perfect movement, rather than
many halfhearted ones, Greg claims”.

This system teaches the awareness of breathing and alignment of the
spine, and aims to strengthen the deep torso muscles through
concentrated exercises.

AXIS CORE® PILATES demands intense focus physically and
mentally. Breathing should be done with concentration, control and

The AXIS CORE® PILATES program focuses on the core postural
muscles which help keep the body balanced, which is essential to
providing support, balance and alignment.

With AXIS CORE® PILATES you can finally have the body you

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Greg Herzog’s AXIS CORE® PILATES method utilizes a mind-body
technique to best control muscular development for a long, lean, strong
body, that has been developed and refined over twenty-four years of use
and observation.
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