Comprehensive Conditioning™
More Workout-Less Time™
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AXIS CORE® FITNESS INTUIT™ is a comprehensive
conditioning approach to health and fitness that utilizes Greg's
trademarked conditioning technique, developed over two decades
as a former world class athlete, Olympic coach and conditioning
specialist, to help best understand the person as an integrated unit.
FITNESS INTUIT™ is a mental, physical, emotional and nutritional
modality enhancement conditioning system through ATTENTION
DIRECTED DIFFERENTLY®; a method of questioning and (VCP)®
visual conditioning, designed to help you find your own process to bridge
the gap to behavior change and optimum performance.

Unlike other programs, AXIS CORE® FITNESS INTUIT™ is based on
the functional fitness principles of balance, efficiency and sustainability.
It is refreshing and energizing and can be used as a primary mode of
body conditioning.

By using the AXIS CORE® training method, with an abbreviated warm
up, target weight, perfect cadence and form, along with our muscle
memory overload principle according to your body type, you are
guaranteed the most complete workout available today.

safe and effective, a series of carefully performed, smooth,
continuous movements are customized for each individual, to stretch,
strengthen and develop an evenly conditioned body with long, lean

Through the building of strength and endurance you become more aware
of your body and alignment, thus raising your metabolism and increasing
efficiency, working the entire body in a way that dramatically changes the
way your body looks, feels and performs with rapid results.

All training programs are customized for the individual to meet your
specific needs.
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