The creator of ARS® RIDGEFIELD YOGA is Greg Herzog.

Greg has developed this method of optimum stretching over the past
30 years, working with thousands of individuals and health
professionals. His mission has been to improve people's lives, their
health, and their ability to become more flexible.

Herzog’s ARS® RIDGEFIELD YOGA method uses active movement
to achieve maximum flexibility and coordination potential, by making
quick gains in range of motion to help individuals improve

Performing an ARS® RIDGEFIELD YOGA allows the target muscles
to lengthen without triggering antagonistic muscle contraction as the
isolated muscle achieves a state of relaxation. These stretches provide
maximum benefit and can be accomplished without opposing tension
or resulting trauma.
ARS® RIDGEFIELD YOGA has many important facets that can be
utilized to improve flexibility, reduce fatigue and help alleviate
problems associated with many over-use injuries; such as lower back
problems, neck pain, carpel tunnel, tennis elbow, and other ailments
resulting from a lack of flexibility.

With ARS® RIDGEFIELD YOGA the body is able to repair itself and
also to prepare for daily activity. This method of stretching is also
known to work with the body's natural physiological makeup to
improve circulation and increase the elasticity of muscle joints and
RIDGEFIELD YOGA  is the fastest and most efficient way to increase
flexibility, elongate muscles, and enhance posture, balance and
symmetry while raising your metabolism through the activation of
your nervous system.

With the ARS®stretch YOGA method you will learn how to stretch
properly, thus significantly improve your stretching distance, with a
contract-relax method that is painless, and increases your range of
motion from 20-50%, giving you an optimum stretch.

Endorsed by Olympic and professional athletes it is simply put; the
best way to stretch.
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