located in downtown Ridgefield, Connecticut, with additional
operations in New York City, Palm Beach, South Hampton and Beverly

Greg Herzog, is a conditioning specialist and certified trainer, trained
personally by the creator of Nautilus, Arthur Jones, and is committed
to providing intelligent, customized, safe and effective conditioning
programs for his clients, with the map to bridge the gap to achievement
in whatever their goals may be, with his specialized conditioning system
AXIS CORE®: a mental, physical, emotional, and nutritional modality
enhancement conditioning system, to find your own process for
learning and performance, for anti aging and total body wellness,
through a method of questioning, ATTENTION DIRECTED
DIFFERENTLY® and visual conditioning and representation, (VCP)®,
along with behavior modification, VOICE21C™, that promotes
physiological change to bridge the gap to performance; which is the
best knowledge available to help you achieve maximum results.

Greg has been credited for bringing his clients to a greater level of
performance by bringing high-intensity strength training to another
level, and improving upon PNF stretching, with ARS™ yoga stretch, in
addition to his unique approach to eating for sport specific conditioning

The primary difference in his system is that it is scientifically designed
for each individual, with the understanding that both the mental and
emotional play a huge role in developing physical and nutritional well
being, and by building a strong functional base, focusing on
strengthening (core) muscles groups with emphasis on body control,
flexibility, balance.

Greg looks forward to bringing his system POWERMOVES®:
(VCP)® and VOICE21C™, to the masses soon, with a book series and
online conditioning system.
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